29 мая 2013 г.

.. sometimes

Кожа: -Belleza-  Ellie новинка! The Arcade Gacha
Глаза: IKON Eternal Eyes - Glacier
Волосы: ::Exile:: Tonight Tonight: Blacks
Серьги: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..  Found
Блузка: {Paradise Kiss} Valery blouse новинка!
Кольцо: [AUX] Melt My Heart - Black новинка! C88
Юбка: Baiastice Lian Mesh Longuette Skirt-black
Туфли: :FANATIK: Ankle Strap Sandals Black

Кожа: -Belleza- Shyla Tan 11
Волосы: Dura Boys&Girls*41(Black)
Серьги: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Rosana
Блузка: {Paradise Kiss} Valery blouse новинка!
Штаны: {Paradise Kiss} Lilit pants новинка!
Туфли: REDGRAVE Cathy - 12colors

27 мая 2013 г.

On the way to the dream

Кожа: -Belleza- Ellie Gacha новинка!
Волосы: >TRUTH<   Adeline -  fades
Бусы: MG Isis Solar Magic новинка!
Топ: Baiastice Lari Halter Neck Top-yellow новинка! TLC
Юбка: Baiastice Didi skirt-roses yellow/azure новинка!
Босоножки: N-core DELICIOUS FatPack (16 colors)
Букет: E&L Bouquet with daisies and bluebells

23 мая 2013 г.

Tell me..

Кожа: -Belleza- Ava DT TLC
Глаза: IKON Eternal Eyes - Mountain
Волосы: [LeLutka] ADILE hair - Fades Natural
Серьги и кольцо: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Anabella новинка!
Блузка: {Paradise Kiss} Valery blouse-Purple новинка! в продаже с 24 мая
Штаны: {Paradise Kiss} Lilit pants- black новинка!
Босоножки: N-core ZEN "Fatpack"

20 мая 2013 г.


Кожа: .::WoW Skins::. Chanel Tan новинка!
Волосы: TRUTH Denee -  browns новинка!
Серьги: ::Sweet Leonard:: My Glamour Hoops новинка! 
Топ: Eaters Coma Slashed Tank / Off White
Юбка: Blueberry Mickey *Mesh* Denim Mini Skirt Dark Blue новинка!
Вьетнамки: :FANATIK: Flipflops

19 мая 2013 г.

For you

Кожа: Essences Opera *Summertime* новинка!
Глаза: IKON Ardent Eyes - Industrial
Волосы: TRUTH Lotus -  light blondes новинка!
Подвеска: {mon tissu} Oui Necklace - Gold
Топ: Baiastice Lari Halter Neck Top-ghost новинка! TLC
Юбка: Baiastice Didi skirt-floral print peach новинка! TLC
Букет: KS Design Bouquet of lilacs (White)

18 мая 2013 г.

The world we knew

Кожа: -Belleza- Ava Sk Blonde новинка! 100Block
Глаза: IKON Eternal Eyes - Heath
Волосы: Analog Dog honey dark blonde новинка!
Рубашка: .:villena:. patchwork shirt Plaid #2
Джинсы: .:villena:. skinny jeans LightBlue
Кроссовки: 2REAL PURE

Кожа: -Belleza- Eric SK
Рубашка: BEZDNA Short Sleeve Shirt - blue новинка!
Джинсы: +HUHU+ Casual pant belt/buttons новинка!
Обувь: DOZZE  Slip-On *MESH* (Blue)

16 мая 2013 г.

happy weekend

Кожа: [:ME:] Luxuria Brown Skintone (Natural & Sensual)
Волосы: >TRUTH< London -  light blondes
Браслеты: MG Summertime Easy Living новинка!
Шорты: +HUHU+ LazyShort Burgundy новинка!
Ноги: N-core BAREFEET (Mesh)

15 мая 2013 г.

Столик на двоих

Кожа: -Belleza- Ava SK
Волосы: >TRUTH< Faith -  black & whites
Серьги и подвеска: .:: Bens Beauty ::.. Sign
Платье: {Paradise Kiss} Lace dress новинка!
Браслет: EarthStones Falling Leaves
Туфли: N-core DIVA- FatPack 16 colors (Mesh)

14 мая 2013 г.


Кожа: [Hush] Robin Skin - Charcoal
Глаза: IKON Ardent Eyes - Parchment
Волосы: [LeLutka] BELLE hair/Dark Grayscale
Подвеска: ::Sweet Leonard:: Material Girl новинка!
Платье: @BEZDNA@ Maxi Dress Orange новинка!
Браслет: Zaara Vyomini chained bracelet *turquoise-gold*
Вьетнамки: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)

11 мая 2013 г.

Today I'm happy

Кожа: Essences Wednesday
Волосы: >TRUTH<  Cheyenne - black & whites
Подвеска: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Shiny Cross Necklace II (gold-silver) новинка!
Платье: Baiastice Karen dress-fuchsia/white новинка!
Браслеты: [MANDALA] SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_white
Кольцо: Baiastice Cross jewelry set-all colours новинка!
Туфли: N-core CUORE "FatPack 16 colors" (Mesh)

9 мая 2013 г.

Один день

Кожа: Evian Jade Medium
Волосы: ""D!va"" "Kalli" (Type B)(Brown diamond)
Серьги и подвеска: MG Aztec River Of Dreams
Платье: Egoisme Waves Multi pastel
Браслеты: [MANDALA] SITENNOAH_watch&bracelet_white
Туфли: REDGRAVE Shoes DONNA - 12colors

Miami beach

Кожа: -Belleza- Mya Tan BBB 2 новинка!
Глаза: IKON Ardent Eyes - Industrial
Волосы: Dura Girl*45(Black) новинка!
Подвеска: ::Sweet Leonard:: 4ever You & Me новинка!
Топ: @BEZDNA@ Strap Top White новинка!
Шорты: ~CandyMetal~ Chistie Outfit #2 новинка!
Вьетнамки: :FANATIK: Flipflops

8 мая 2013 г.

Set me free

Кожа: .::WoW Skins::. Kesia Group gift may новинка!
Глаза: IKON Ardent Eyes - Industrial
Волосы: ""D!va"" "Chika4" (Type A)(Brown diamond)
Серьги и подвеска: MG Handcuff
Платье: !gO! Marta dress - 6 - новинка!
Брелок: GizzA Handkeys [Frog]
Туфли: N-core ADDICTION "FatPack 16 colors" (Mesh)

7 мая 2013 г.

hello May

Кожа: -Belleza- Mya новинка!
Волосы: Analog Dog  happy dark blonde новинка!
Платье: Baiastice Karen dress-striped red новинка!
Кольцо: MG Shanghai Daisy
Сумка: *LpD* *BonBon* Bag White (With and Without Deco) новинка!
Ноги: N-core BAREFEET (Mesh)

New Face of EGOISME

The grand opening in the BIG FASHION world will take place on May 11th, 2013!

EGOISME presents to you it`s  new face!

You will appreciate the new amazing style of the sim. Join us everyone whos PASSION is FASHION!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping mall in Italy. Housed within a four-storey double arcade in central Milan, the Galleria is named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. It was designed in 1861 and built by Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.


The structure consists of two glass-vaulted arcades intersecting in an octagon covering the street connecting Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Scala. The street is covered by an arching glass and cast iron roof, a popular design for 19th-century arcades, such as the Burlington Arcade in London, which was the prototype for larger glazed shopping arcades, beginning with the Saint-Hubert Gallery in Brussels (opened in 1847), the Passazh in St Petersburg (opened in 1848), the Galleria Umberto I in Naples (opened in 1890) and the Budapest Galleria.

The central octagonal space is topped with a glass dome. The Milanese Galleria was larger in scale than its predecessors and was an important step in the evolution of the modern glazed and enclosed shopping mall, of which it was the direct progenitor. It has inspired the use of the term galleria for many other shopping arcades and malls.[citation needed]

In the central mosaic, there is a depiction of the bull from Turin Coat of Arms. The tradition tells that if a person put its right heel on the bull's genitals and turn on himself three times, this will bring good luck. This practice causes damage to the mosaic: a hole developed on the place of the bull's genitals.[citation needed]

The Galleria connects two of Milan's most famous landmarks: The Duomo and the Teatro Alla Scala, but the Galleria is a landmark in its own right.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Commentary

"The 640-foot-long north/south axis of its cruciform plan links the secular Piazza della Scala on the north to the spiritual Piazza della Duomo on the south. In 1877, a triumphal arch was added to the southern end of this cruciform gallery, thereby formally terminating this covered urban link between the opera house and the cathedral. The iconography of the inlaid mosaic concourse and the painted pendentives of the 164-foot octagonal dome, raised over the crossing, represents the union of church and state which first came into being with the triumphant nationalist revolution of 1848."

— Kenneth Frampton and Yukio Futagawa. Modern Architecture 1851-1945. p26.


The arcade is 96 feet high.

Shops, restaurants and hotels

The Galleria is often nicknamed il salotto di Milano (Milan's drawing room), due to its numerous shops and importance as a common Milanese meeting and dining place.

As of 2013, the arcade principally contains luxury retailers selling haute couture, jewelry, books and paintings, as well as restaurants, cafés, and bars. The Galleria is famous for being home to some of the oldest shops and restaurants in Milan, such as Biffi Caffè (founded in 1867 by Paolo Biffi, pastry chef to the monarch),[3][4][5] the Savini restaurant, the silverware store Bernasconi and the Art Nouveau classic Zucca's Bar.